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Neonatal Nasal CPAP Units & Accessories

  • Different models available
  • Mains and battery operated
  • Varieties of driving units: micro-processor controlled units - blender with flowmeter - double flowmeters
  • Sophisticated units available with special apnea mode, synchronised non-invasive ventilation, and high frequency oscillations
  • Wide adjustable flow setting range
  • Audible and visual alarms with preset limits for gas supply drop, low battery, CPAP pressure, oxygen concentration
  • Numeric and graphical display of CPAP pressure
  • Safety valves for over-pressure
  • Unique ultra safe nasal CPAP generators suiting neonates with different weights
  • Dedicated nasal CPAP generators suiting all ventilators' types
  • Online actual intranasal CPAP monitoring via highly precise tools (water columns - precision manometers, etc)
  • Different accessories available; nasal prongs - nasal masks - patient circuits (disposable and reusable) - fixation bonnets respiratory humidifiers - pressure monitoring tools - stands - fixation brackets
Neonatal Nasal CPAP Units & Accessories

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