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August 01st, 2016: Misr MediCare is offering full range of non-invasive nasal CPAP units and accessories for pediatricians and neonatologists. We offer "complete systems; Generator/Flow based or Bubble based", "drivers; machines, blenders, and bubble CPAP sets", "prongs and masks", "fixation bonnets; disposable and reusable", "active and passive nCPAP generators; disposable and reusable", "complete solutions for operating non-invasive nCPAP on any ventilator with non-invasive mode", "pressure monitoring devices; manometers and water columns", and "safety overpressure relief valves". Please contact us for more details.

June 16th, 2013: Misr MediCare now offers sequential pneumatic compression therapy systems (lympho-bags). Those systems are mainly recommended in cases of lymph edema, edema following trauma and sport injuries, water retension, Rheumatoid arthritis, chronic diseases (of venous cause), limb convulsion (pain clinic), limb paralysis (Cerebral infarction), pregnant females' limb management, and diseases caused by blood circulation interruption. They are also highly recommended for aging, general weakness, and insomnia. They help remarkably in having elastic skin and healthier body, and do have a quick effect in fat dissolution. They are also used to eliminate fatigue resulting from exercise, and help in stress relief. The machine is used in  hospitals, clinics, and at home. We can simply send you our specialist to deliver the machine wherever you are, and teach you how to install and use. Just contact us.

November 01st, 2011: Misr MediCare would like to announce the availability of the fully integrated home intensive care requirements of medical equipment. We offer all range of medical equipment needed for the home intensive care patient such as ventilator, air compressor for ventilator, oxygen concentrator, patient monitor, infusion pump, syringe pump, suction unit, pulse oximiter, and any other sort of medical device that may be required; all at affordable price. Misr MediCare staff is highly experienced to cover all installation and training (both to medical and non-medical staff) for those medical equipment. Please contact us to get full medical care for your patient.

July 15th, 2011: Misr MediCare announces the completion of the registration procedures of its service center in the ICA (Industrial Control Authority); a sector of EMFTI (Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Trade & Industry). Our service center is run by a team of highly experienced bio-medical engineers & technicians, and is fully equipped with all service and calibration tools that may be needed to maintain medical equipment. Of course, our customers are already granted to have the best maintenance and after-sales services for our products. But we are also welcoming new customers asking for maintenance and repairing services, either on "case-by-case" basis, or via service contracts having very easy conditions, and with the most favorable pricing ever.


Misr MediCare will be participating as an exhibitor in "Port Said Third Neonatology Conference 2012", having the title of "Evidence Based Neonatology".


The conference will be held in Al-Fayrouz Resort Port Said Egypt, on the 18th & 19th of October, 2012.


It is our pleasure to invite and welcome all our suppliers and customers to attend the conference, and review our full range of medical equipment related to pediatric / neonatal medicine. We will be exhibiting the following products:

-          Pediatric / Neonatal ICU Ventilators.

-          Portable / Transport Ventilators.

-          Neonatal Nasal CPAP Units & Related Accessories.

-          Air / Oxygen Mixers (Blenders).

-          Oxygen Monitors.

-          Patient Monitors & Related Accessories.

-          Pulse Oximiters.

-          Infusion Pumps

-          Syringe Pumps.

-          Respiratory Humidifiers.

-          Air Compressors For Ventilators.

-          Oxygen Concentrators.

-          ECG (Electro-Cardio-Graph) Machines.

-          Suction units.

-          Ultrasonic Nebulizers.


To know more about the conference, please kindly review the following link; http://portsaidneogrp.com/?page_id=259


Looking forward to seeing you in Port Said.

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